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Donate food.

We accept donations of all kinds of food and groceries from farmers, manufacturers and retailers throughout Australia. We also partner with food companies who donate ingredients and services so we can produce essential items like breakfast cereals, pasta, sauce and tinned fruit and vegetables.

We can accept...


✔️  Food before it's expiry date

✔️  Excess food products

✔️  Discontinued products 

✔️  Products that require re-labelling

✔️ Products with damaged packaging


We won't accept...


✔️  Alcohol, tobacco, medicines or drugs of dependence
✔️  Products that are past their use by date
✔️  Products more than 6 months past its best before date
✔️  Products where the packaging seal has been broken
✔️  Products where the cold chain has not been maintained
✔️  Products subject to a safety recall
✔️  Unlabelled products provided without ingredients list

Organic Vegetables
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